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Cognos 10 – What’s in its Future?

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November 28, 2014 by Elwood Philbrick, Envisn, Inc.
Cognos 10 was introduced at Insight 2010 at Las Vegas. At the time it was a big deal. Its goal was to bring together social collaboration and business analytics on a single platform and simplify the offering by integrating many of the individual products that were part of the Cognos legacy. By most accounts it has done this very well and in the four years since then IBM has added a number of new features and enhancements. These are almost too numerous to mention so we’ll just list the major themes:


IOD 2013 - What’s New in Cognos 10

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November 27, 2013, by Paul Hausser, Envisn, Inc.
In the three years since the introduction of Cognos 10 IBM Cognos has introduced a number of new things for the product including Dynamic Cubes, Cognos Cloud, Cognos Workspace and performance increases. One wonders at this point what it will take to move to whatever comes after Cognos 10. There was no obvious answer to that question as IOD 2013 came to a close but there were still a lot new things there to look at.

Major Things

Four main categories of enhancements in the latest release of Cognos 10 (ver.

IOD 2012 - What’s New in Cognos 10.2

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By Elwood Philbrick, Envisn, Inc.
Those attending the recent IBM Information on Demand event in Las Vegas looking for a big splash by Cognos were likely disappointed. Cognos 10 was introduced two years ago with a lot of fanfare and what they’ve done with its latest iteration, release of Cognos 10.2, is to continue to refine, extend and integrate. The major goal of this release was in making it easier to use the products. Nothing big or dramatic, just many new additions and extensions that enable a broader range of differently skilled users to utilize BI analytics to work more productively.


Is Cognos 10 a Big Deal?

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By Rick Ryan - Envisn, Inc.
In an interview two weeks ago, IBM’s new president, Virginia Rometty, cited Analytics as the single most important focus for the technology company going forward. Analytics is what makes it possible to put the flood of Big Data to productive and profitable use. Other areas of IBM’s focus are enabled by Analytics. Smarter Planet is essentially about being able to mine all of the sensor data now available from multiple real time sources. And Cloud Computing makes it possible to access massive data sources from anywhere.

The big challenge is how to deal with the Big Data tsunami. It’s only of value if you can integrate it, organize it and then answer the two most important questions:


IOD 2011 - What's New in Cognos 10


November 18, 2011 by Rick Ryan - Envisn, Inc.
It would be easy to talk about what’s new in Cognos 10 from the recent IBM Information on Demand (IOD) 2011 event in Las Vegas only in terms of new user capabilities but that would miss a big part of what’s going on here. There are new user capabilities that matter but it’s important to focus on the major trends here as well. This article will attempt to do both.

When it was first announced a year ago Cognos 10 raised the bar on Business Intelligence and at the same time BI began to be positioned by IBM as part of the larger umbrella of Business Analytics. BA is a broader offering of analytical capabilities than traditional BI and encompasses things like workforce performance analysis, sales performance analytics, predictive analytics, governance, and risk and compliance management. That said, it’s clear that at least within IBM, BI is the point of the spear.

What’s New in IBM Cognos 10 - IOD 2010

cognos 10

    By Rick Ryan - Envisn, Inc.
At IBM's annual Information on Demand (IOD 2010) event in Las Vegas last week the big news was the introduction of Cognos 10. Is this a big deal? We'll let you decide. How you feel may have a lot to do with whether the new things are important to you and your organization.

IBM Cognos 10: The Big Picture

IBM Cognos 10 is the first major BI release since Cognos 8 was released in 2005. Cognos 10 presents a more integrated user interface along with a broader offering of analytics and technology. The recent acquisitions by IBM of SPSS, TM1 (Applix) and Clarity are now part of the offering.

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