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Introducing NetVisn 7!


Netvisn7Envisn is pleased to announce the release of NetVisn 7. The major theme of this new version is making it easier to manage change. Our goal has been to address routine tasks that administrators and developers face on a daily basis and significantly reduce the amount of time, effort and risk involved.

The major things that are part of this new release include:

  • New Security Editor in NetVisn 7 makes managing security a breeze. The drag-and-drop feature significantly reduces the number of steps required to manage accounts, groups and roles. The number of steps required to add a new user is reduced from 10 or more steps to only 2. And this new feature is really a big deal because it also works as an editor for distribution lists making what is currently a challenging task in Cognos almost fun with NetVisn. We know you will really like it.
  • Mass Specification Change with its fast find and replace capability instantly updates specifications for all Cognos studios. Whether you have a few changes to make or thousands NetVisn can handle them all.
  • Model Item Change feature performs multiple model item renames at once. Makes it easy to handle major changes to Framework Manager models that have undergone reengineering.

Our work on simplifying the process of managing change within Cognos continues and over the next few months we will be releasing more new features for NetVisn that address this subject area.

Let us know when you’re ready to make the move to NetVisn 7. Simply send an email to: support@envisn.com It’s a simple upgrade that will take only minutes to install.


see why envisn customers sat netvisn is essential for cognos bi


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Content Store Survival Guide Revised Edition


by Rick Ryan, Envisn, Inc.
The Cognos Content Store is a subject area that has a high level of interest on the part of many Cognos administrators especially since little information on how to actually manage it currently exists.

In 2011 we offered an ebook titled the Content Store Survival Guide™, which provides  working knowledge about the IBM Cognos Content Store and its management including:

  • Top 10 Key Metrics for Content Store Administration
  • Managing Content Store Growth and Multiple Content Stores
  • Consolidating and Merging Cognos BI Environments

Free Download of the New Revised Edition of the Content Store Survival Guide

Based on reader feedback, we have revised and added to the current edition of this document, including a new chapter on Best Practices for Implementing Cognos BI Security. To download a free copy of Envisn's Content Store Survival Guide, click on the link below:

free download: The Content Store Survival Guide, newly revised

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New Ebook – Content Store Survival Guide™


 by Rick Ryan - Envisn, Inc.
content store survival guideWithin the past few days we added a new ebook to our web site titled Content Store Survival Guide™. Recent blog articles dealing with the Content Store have all had high numbers of readers and some suggested that it would be good if they could be packaged together. While these form the basis of this latest ebook we have added some new material that has not been published before.

The Cognos Content Store is a subject area that has a high level of interest on the part of many Cognos administrators especially since little information on how to actually manage it currently exists.

Our plan is to continue to add content to this ebook over time based on reader feedback. So if you have any suggestions on additional areas that should be included then please send them along.

Click to learn more and download your copy:
Content Store Survival Guide™

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