Are you struggling with limited insight into the security of your Cognos environment? Netvisn presents Cognos Security the way you need to manage it. Learn More. Do you fear the worst when you need to 
promote or migrate Cognos content? Netvisn gives you control to promote content to new environments safely and easily. Learn More. Having trouble keeping track of all the Cognos licenses in your BI environment? Netvisn makes Cognos license management easy while ensuring complete compliance. Learn More.

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Web Based Cognos BI Tools

Successfully managing an IBM Cognos environment can be a challenge - particularly as it grows larger and more complex.

Envisn’s web based solutions make Cognos life cycle management a snap. Whether it's automating your Cognos BI production process, BI documentation and diagnostics, or auditing and performance measurement – Envisn has what you need.

Our business intelligence tools provide increased power and productivity by giving you the ability to manage your Cognos BI environment at a whole new level of performance.

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Cognos BI Tips & Techniques

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