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Envisn's IBM Cognos Blog

By Paul Hausser, Envisn, Inc.

One of the biggest challenges for any Cognos Analytics administrator is maintaining operational uptime for all content in the Content Store. This can be a challenge...

By Gary Larsen, Envisn, Inc.

The new data sources in Cognos Analytics have actually been around for a while. They are, however, new to a lot of Cognos developers since many of them may not have had...

By Elwood Philbrick, Envisn, Inc.

In this second part of this blog subject we are going to focus on some less traditional areas of impact analysis in Cognos Analytics but no less important. These are:

By Elwood Philbrick, Envisn, Inc.

Administering Cognos Analytics is mostly about managing change. Changes to reports, packages, models, security, triggers, schedules, etc. are ongoing. Doing this...